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Remote monitoring device AVUS-COMBI


Displaying the data coming from the connected gas detectors AVUS-COMBI (modifications with the RS-485 interface) which monitor the concentration of combustible gases (methane and propane) and carbon monoxide.


Monitoring and notification of exceeding specified threshold values of monitored gases in residential and administrative buildings, industrial and industrial buildings, in garages, in car parks and parking lots, etc.

Parameter Value
Number of sensors connected to the remote monitoring device Up to 32 pcs.
Maximum length of communication lines, m max 900
Data transmission between the remote monitoring device and sensors via the interface RS-485
Alarm light indication for each sensor, sound, by “dry contacts” relay
Resistance to external factors:
1. Temperature, °С
2. Relative humidity at the temperature 25 °С
3. Atmospheric pressure, kPa

30…95 %
Contact groups of relays:
Malfunction relay
Contact relay for threshold 1
Contact relay for threshold 2 (alarm)

30 V / 200 mA DC
30 V / 500 mA DC
220 V / 5 A AC
Supply voltage 220 В, 50 Hz
Mean time between failures, min, h 20000
Average service life, min, years 10
Dimensions, mm 265х170х76,5
Weight, kg 2
low power consumption;
automatic control of executive devices in case of emergency;
possible to build a system of two or more sensors in order to provide simultaneous monitoring of methane (propane) and carbon monoxide concentrations.
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