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Autonomous energy complex


generation of electricity from renewable energy sources (wind and solar) supplied with the energy storage system in combination with diesel generation. The modular design and complex automation provides ease of operation, efficiency and reliability in all climatic zones, including in the Arctic zone.


Can be used in the facilities which need to be provided with autonomous uninterrupted power supply in any climatic zones, including the Arctic zone.

Parameter Value
The output voltage of the main power source, V ~220/380
AC frequency, Hz 50
Battery capacity, A / h in accordance with the project
Wind turbine / solar power, kW 3-10/3-10
Capacity of backup power supply, kW 3…100
Controlled parameters: temperature, volrage sources
Operating temperature, °С -50…+50
Humidity at a temperature of 25 °C, % up to 98
Efficiency, % min 85
Overall dimensions of the energy container, m 4,2х2,42х2,59 (may vary depending on composition)
low influence on environment;
mobility and modular design;
resistance to physical, electromagnetic and climatic impacts;
priority to domestic purchased integrated parts and software;
can operate in emergency accommodation;
reduction of electricity costs due to the use of renewable sources;
automatic and remote control of the complex operations;
possible to incorporate the heat-generating equipment and low-power hydraulic turbines into the complex composition.
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